An experiment on the effects of different variables on cellular respiration

In such an experiment, an attempt is made to find evidence that the values of the independent variable determine the values of the dependent variable. For example, if coal or charcoal is burned in a closed space like a room with closed doors and windowsthen a lot of carbon monoxide is formed.

We filled a tub with ice and water. In the cyclic form, as shown below, there are only 5 carbon atoms and an oxygen atom. Knoxville, TN pp. There are seven parts of an experiment: Remove the carbon dioxide from solution and the bromthymol blue will turn a deeper blue.

How does temperature affect cellular respiration?

The most interesting part of this lab was concerning the pill bugs. The red line represents the control for the respiration of mealworms.

Errors such as when transferring the fermentation tubes into the test tubes upside down, a bubble always appeared and it was unavoidable.

The Effect of Temperature on the Anaerobic Respiration of Yeast

The alcohol produced has been used in making wines and beers and the carbon dioxide produced has been used in baking as it gets trapped in the dough and causes it to rise.

This is because water does not have free air or oxygen for us to breathe and we do not have gills like the fish to utilise oxygen dissolved in water. The chemical bromthymol blue is an indicator that appears blue in an alkaline base solution and yellow in an acidic solution.

This could be explained by the inaccuracy of results and that the reaction could not be totally accurately controlled with the apparatus used.

The design should be logical, should include monitoring fish breathing in the light and in the dark to see if it changes. In the design of experiments, an independent variable's values are controlled or selected by the experimenter to determine its relationship to an observed phenomenon i.

We created the cold environment by placing ice into this Styrofoam box and putting the bottles into the ice. Many times we have heard of carbon monoxide poisoning. The recommended temperatures would be freezing, cold, room controlwarm, and hot. Students should know that plants' photosynthesis uses carbon dioxide and produces oxygen.

Demonstrating Fermentation with Yeast Students observe the carbon dioxide gas produced as yeast ferments sugar. This lab could be modified slightly to test the effects of temperature on yeast respiration instead of salinity.

Further changes could be made to any future cold bath tests done. Fill the tube until it is completely full, and seal it with a rubber stopper.

Include how you will change the environment and what you will be measuring. We created our heated environment in a electric heat bath holding at around 34 degrees Celsius. We can, however, not breathe inside water when we are diving.

It is now well established that most yeasts employ sugars as their main carbon and hence energy source. The apparatus consists of two boiling tubes A and B fitted with two-holed corks. Recorded in the same circumstances as the control the bottles holding the beads were sealed airtight with a rubber cork attached to our CO2 sensor.

Investigation - What Factors Affect Cellular Respiration?

We will find that the lime- water in boiling tube A in which inhaled air is passed turns milky only slightly but the lime-water in boiling tube B in which exhaled air is passed turns milky appreciably. During our first experiment, we compared the respiration of two organisms with the same mass but different volumes.

Lab 5 Cellular Respiration by Kris Layher

One rule of thumb in bread baking is the baker should never mix the yeast with salt because the dough will not rise properly. The meal worm and the grasshopper were simultaneously introduced to the control environment, a cold bath, then a hot bath.

Fermentation releases two molecules of the gas from the anaerobic not requiring molecular oxygen degradation of a substrate, usually glucose, as well as two molecules of ethanol plus usable energy for cell function.Aerobic cellular respiration rates vary according to three main factors: the amount of nutrients available to the cell, the specific type of cell and the ambient temperature.

All three factors affect the rate at which respiration takes place, according to UC Clermont College. Aerobic cellular. Purpose of KOH: Because CO2 is produced during cellular respiration, it will be removed by the KOH, which will absorb the CO2 so it won’t interfere with the experiment and instead form the solid K2CO3.

We will write a custom essay sample on The Effect of the Nature of Substrate on Cellular respiration of yeast specifically for you for only $ to explain why yeast cannot break down some carbohydrate within the same kind The experiment on the effect of different substrates on the rate of cellular respiration was conducted at the Institute of.

means of studying the effects of different variables on yeast fermentation. In this week's lab you will study the rate of cellular respiration by yeast cells in the presence of a 5% (w/v) glucose solution. The results of your experiment will show the effect of some factor over a range of conditions (e.g., temperatures) on the rate of.

Photosynthesis and cellular respiration are two of the most important biochemical In this experiment, The variables to be examined in relation to carbon dioxide use are the amount of light exposure and various colors of light. The pH indicator bromothymol blue.

Investigation Factors of Cellular Respiration

Start studying Biology Lab Final. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. A variable that a scientist changes to find out how this change affects other variables in the experiment. I am testing the effects of different sources of phosphorus on algal growth.

An experiment on the effects of different variables on cellular respiration
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