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For example, go to WolframAlpha and enter the following code: It was expected that the bounce height will increase as drop height increases, but will not be quite as high as the original drop height and the resulting bounce efficiency will remain relatively consistent throughout the drop height range.

This made my data less precise since the experiment we conducted was out side of a closed environment the air resistance was not the same at all times cause sometimes there would be is the wind and sometimes there would be no wind at all.

More measurements reduce the random error, but you tend to get to a point of diminishing returns when you average just does not improve enough to make it worth the effort of taking more measurements.

Did the balls bounce highest when released from their highest point? Compare the uncertainties in the velocity of the ball using these two different methods. This made my data less precise since at different angles we see heights and if they are incorrect the whole point of the experiment in useless but the person tried to minimize the angle difference.

From your results, compute the fractional loss of kinetic energy of translation during impact. When we begin to acquire a new physical skill through repetition, our nervous system creates new neural pathways.

If they have the right answer, can they explain it correctly? You can make a graph by hand or use a website like Create a Graph to make a graph on the computer and print it. Yes, I Did This Project! My data is also very consistent according to my table for example when the drop height was 80 cm and the bounce height for the first trial was 50cm and for next on it was 51cm and the next one was 50cm as we see these numbers are very close to each other and that means my data is precise.

I did a little exercise at the start of my high-school physics class today that introduced different types of experimental error. I have also proved that more potential energy is gained from a greater height and that the ball will NEVER bounce to the original drop height because following the Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but can be transformed.

If the best value your stopwatch gives you is to the tenth of a second, then you have a reading error of plus or minus 0. Repeat the measurements as the elevator descends to the ground floor. Yes, I Did This Project! One weakness of my investigation was the angle our camera was set on cause a person was holding it so the angle of the camera might have varied.

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This made my data more precise because in the Slow Mo camera we could see the videos a few time and if we thought the ball fell on different heights we could get some else opinion to see which answer was right and we are also able to zoom in on the video to clear our doubts.

Hit collect and roll the marble down the ramp to see if the photo gates are working. This is defined as:Speed of Sound IB Physics HL Lab report.


Science Efficient Of A Bouncing Ball Lab Report

IB Math HL Statistics Questions the kinetic energy will be converted to potential energy. Results: We drop the ball five times on each surface at the height of 1 meter, and recorded the bouncing height.

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Reaction Time: The Ruler Drop Test

Math IA. Uploaded by. Physics 11 - Lab Exercise #2 Laboratory Exercise #2. The Equivalence Principle: You will be issued a bathroom scale, a ball drop timer (similar to the one used to measure g in lecture) and an elevator Include the copy of your homework in your lab report.

Abstract Standing on a balcony near the top of the Tower of Pisa in Italy, a young scientist dropped two balls into the crowd below.

The scientist, young Galileo, was not trying to knock his fellow professors on the head, but was trying to prove his theory that all objects fall. Physics - Experiment 1 Measurement, Random Error & Error analysis σ is a measure of the scatter to be expected in the measurements. If one measured a large number of.

® Physics 1 and 2 Lab Investigations Student Guide to Data Analysis New York, NY The correct way to report this measurement is. The scale on the right has markings every 1 centimeter, so the uncertainty is centimeter.

The correct way to report this While performing the Millikan oil-drop experiment, you find that a drop of oil has. In this physics science fair project, students will investigate the rebound height limits and linearity of dropped bouncy balls.

Please enter a search term in the text box. Science Projects: When you drop a bouncy ball, why doesn't it return to the height from which it was released?

Physics ball drop lab report
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